Family Matters

Image result for larkin, your family fucks you upHe was the target of every anti-ism group of his day, but there was no more popular writer poet than Philip Larkin. He did have a way of phrasing and word choice that attracted attention and criticism.  But he was surely just ahead of his time with this one. Most therapy now recognises that many life issues arise in the crucial early child development stage. You cannot help anyone without being aware of the context of their problem, how it arose, how it is expressed and how those affected feel and act their roles within its influence. Nowadays, most illnesses are referenced to a person’s ability to cope/survive their everyday environment. In a world of increasing commercialism, national tensions and doubtful values I’m not sure that’s a winner!  And I’m even less sure about Larkin’s final recommendation in this poem.


4 thoughts on “Family Matters

  1. I agree. From my perspective and experience the first ten lines are beautifully observed truth. I like ‘they MAY not mean to but they do’ very Larkin 🙂 The last two lines soften the blow with irony and humour but I haven’t yet determined what we are to ‘get out of while we can’? Thank you.

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