6 thoughts on “Q theory

      1. Yes, maybe, but being uncharacteristically honest, my least favourite recurring dream has me waiting in the queue at a cafeteria and, for whatever reason, never getting served. This is me telling me the unadorned truth.


      2. It could be much worse, mine has me on a monocycle so high my head is in the clouds and my balance isn’t what it used to be! At least you might get served… Hope there’s no shrink bloggers about Anyway, what you planning to order…. Unadorned truth?… not a variety I’ve come across 😀

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      3. That sounds spectacular. And scary. Ha ha, it’s just an ordinary cafeteria with people getting ordinary meals, which makes it worse somehow, and I’m not optimistic about ever getting a meal in the dream. 😐


      4. Yep, very normal very scary, far too real! I’d start worrying about bodies falling on you from tall mono cycles if I were you 😉 …while you’re in the cafe queue, of course.

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