In the beginning there was perfect solution
Tsunami, fragmentation
Ten thousand things, symbols
Relaxed and reproduced

At an apparently astonishing rate, awesome
Artery after artery, vein after vein
Carried the idea into the flesh
But the blueprint soul

Potential that could not let itself think
In and of itself
Let its other think at will
Relatively, passionately; expressively

Family of life
Eye of newt and toe of frog

All together now

Sf copyright

6 thoughts on “Id

    1. Thanks, Steve, always appreciate your considered comments and encouragement. Have you checked out The Sacred Depths of Nature by the professor of biology at Washington. She covers the evolution of single cells up to human creativity clearly and holistically;, she fills the gaps between the scientific lines with common human symbols. Our species on the whole may be too big for its boots – doesn’t mean we have to be as unique individuals, dude. If your boots hurt, change ’em 😉 Stephen.

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