Plea bargain…

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I need only air, water, food and love
I want to keep my ideas free
from the pull of popularity
from the machinations of material success

But please I beg you don’t take me at my word
Don’t leave me between my lines, untested, intestate
Use your instincts and no rationale
To resist and relieve me from a selfish wont

I’m relying on you to understand
My base need
Your shared responsibility
To satisfy my lack of greed Sf copyright
image by Shapeless C


4 thoughts on “Plea bargain…

  1. Thought provoking. For me, we are not in control, even of who we might think we are. We may search, but who can help? After believing exactly the opposite for a very long time, I now think that breathable air, potable water, edible food, and a satisfactory approximation to love, depend on “material success.” (In case you were wondering about a lapsed Buddhist.)

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    1. If you mean that money has largely become the agency of human effort, the middleman distorting, determining and dictating our relationship with our natural environment, yes, I agree. I did okay in my chosen profession, retired and now use the money to indulge my running commentary/criticism of the lousy system that I aided and abetted. Otherwise, I don’t think I’d fair well on the air, water, food (survival) front.

      The question for me is not determined or not determined, control or not control, it’s how much slack is in the system, how much change to an environment can a human individual or organisation make. I suspect this is directly connected to the scientific principle of ‘uncertainty’ and how our conscious will can effect that uncertainty.

      I assume you engineered your own lapsarian state, and your own hands took off your own boots. If you stood idly by and let some middle man or myth intervene, then that was a conscious decision too – though it may have been boughing to some tough external pressures.

      The poem talks of ‘making’ love, a creative, conscious, willed long-term act among other evident, lesser choices (imo). Taking full responsibility for your life means ascertaining how much control has been gifted, and working diligently towards optimising it. Towards what end? Well, that’s a choice too – there’s a lot of evidence, a Universe, and a fair bit of time to sift through it. Enjoy looking for the harmony, you’ve got the best equipment ever devised for it – nobody said it would be easy 😉

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  2. Ach, you got me in a most timely way with this one.
    I was musing on what is truely important in life to me this morning.
    Glad to have nailed down a few harassing details so I can pop in again
    from time to time…

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