I’m intoxicated by Biography, by the people who recognise the human condition, accept it, work through it and share their experience. Also by pairing and partnership. For me Life is Art is Life, so the individuals and partnerships who have recognised and built that reality are my people.  And, focusing humanity’s efforts on creativity cannot be a bad thing in an age of such sad destructions.

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Rather too late in life, I found that I had a genetic predisposition for mental illness. Starting my second recovery from cancer and a complete nervous breakdown, my doctors diagnosed Cyclothalmia, a bi-polar disorder. It became an opportunity, a time of great change, soul searching and new awareness.

Looking back and having got safely to here, now,  I can at last reflect on an exciting, interesting, illuminating life.

Communications was my career and dare I use the word, salvation. It has promoted an intense curiosity – no, I confess obsession – to understand the Human Condition, my condition, and its relation to Universe.

My belief system is simple but strong. It is an important framework for my life; achieving it stabilised me, allowed me to  move on purposefully, creatively.

Thinking slow is often better than thinking fast, as Daniel Kahneman said. It worked for me – after decades of a meditation/yoga regime, I realised it is what you do that counts:

…and carry a big stick, as Teddy Roosevelt said.

Poetry – my brother in law, Peter, contacted me from his home in the Blue Mountains, Australia, some years ago. This call ultimately provided the impetus to explore poetry and literature as a communication medium. Peter had collected my sister Kate’s poetry and Image result for systemswanted to make some kind of tribute. One of his working titles  was ‘A Mind Churning’. The story is here Blue Mountain Poetry.

In 1995, I finished an Open University BSc (Hons) Systems based degree  it took me twelve years and provided a tool to continue my explorations.

And now it’s time to reflect, ‘to dive on the wreck‘ as Adrienne Rich so adroitly put it, to put the whole experience together, a time for Wordsworth’s  ‘emotion recollected in tranquillity‘:

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