Grammar Lesson

born dead
Take away the competition itself
Who’s got the biggest dick
Who can get it most excited
and irrational

Then life is an exercise of sifting
“Diving on the wreck”
Looking at all the evidence
Taking into account the above…
Comparing it with your own
Awesome loving experience
And doing the best you may

Meanwhile Mother Nature in metaphor
Will be making her own judgement
On your elocution

Whatever, you are already sentenced,
Full Stop.

Sf copyright

In the Club

in the club
There’s a flow of energy
and in it a genetic evolution
should not revolution intervene

heading to some unknowable timespace
the details, the egos are irreverent
wish it well on its way
you contribute like it or not
for better for worse you’re in the club
Amen to all that; enjoy
you may as well

Sf copyright
image partly borrowed from the BBC
of whom I am a reluctant benefactor