Out of the solid body came the word
Winging its way, winging its way to where
Out of our past came a reptilian bird
Where are they headed and what can they say
From what to enter the wide wider world
Come a love and its spermatozoa
What do we see in the sun, moon and star
To capture the heart and carry it onward

At the pace of a tortoise and hare
At the solid body, into the solid body
Comes love

Sf copyright

Stick Around

birds fly

Nature wants us to stick and stay around.
And ‘us’ means all that is not chaos.
Thinking about and breaking this bond
Is an emergent property of mind.

Each organism and orgasm has a digit in the pie.
The game atop just carrot, stick and style.
Ours is but to be there for others, then die.
Nevertheless, you mask your tears and smile.

© SoundFlyer